Beau James Wilding is a solo artist from the south-central coast of California with a wide range of influences, including punk, blues, jazz and traditional music. He has been playing guitar and writing songs since the age of fifteen. His intense emotional relationship with sound and music was deepened after a disease left him “legally blind” at the age of eighteen. Beau sees the creative work of songwriting and performance as a lifetime spiritual practice. His lyrics are often introspective and explore themes of transformation and personal growth, taking the listener on a journey of emotional problem solving through the sometimes strange, sometimes dark and dreamy landscape that is our one precious life. 

Beau performs regularly in the Santa Barbara area and has played Carpinteria's own Avocado Festival for six years. Performances by Beau are high-energy, emotionally-charged experiences that encompass tones of gritty folk, garage rock, and the storytelling of an impassioned ballad.    

Beau has independently released two full length albums available for streaming, download or mail order: "Violet of the Pacific" (2014), followed up by "The Amor Fati of Crazy Cloud" (2019). A third full-length album, "seeing i god" is due to be released on vinyl, CD and streaming platforms in April, 2023. Watch for digital single releases in Winter and Spring of 2023. 

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